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Love Blue Diamond-Titanic

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A boat, a dream trip, a huge heart of sea, a portrait sketch naked woman, a love of life and death.Titanium Jewellery
In 1997, a movie “Titanic” swept the world, Jack and Rose love so beautiful touched countless people. From friend to love, although only a few days time, Rose and Jack have been unable to separate. In the bedroom, Rose put on a “Haiyangzhixin” diamond necklace, drawn by Jack that she will never forget the piece of the portrait. Rose decided to ignore the pressure of family and ethics in the Titanic docked and Jack live together, happiness seems only steps away from the couple, but the tragedy happen to them.Titanium Necklaces
Priceless sea heart – a huge blue diamond encrusted necklace, it represents a faithful love, the love of a vigorous, the most Houluo Si will “sea heart” into the sea, so that this Love buried in the seabed, it is marvel.Sutra Man Rose Gold Love Pure Titanium Necklace gift

Written by tjsmart

November 23rd, 2010 at 10:13 am